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Voice Tech IT solutions are those connections of devices that use a computer network to operate and do their work.

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We provide IP camera, NVR and Video Management Solutions

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We provide full featured VoIP and IP phone solutions and support.

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Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Voice Tech represents more than 25 years of computer network experience in central Kentucky.

We have honed our skills to specialize in WiFi, power over ethernet surveillance cameras,   routers, switches, wireless point to point links, and top notch customer service. Costs can be hourly or by the project. 

IT Network  Solutions

Internet Systems

Antenna HDTV Systems

Voice Tech is a systems integrator with computer network design experience  and implementation of turn key projects. We can provide installation of the Ethernet/coaxial cables , routers, switches, outlets & terminations.  We provide both wired and wireless (WiFi) systems. Indoor & outdoor surveillance cameras, building to building wireless connections, WiFi large area coverage, smart home devices, internet of things (IOT) to implement, install, and maintain.

Voice Tech's internet systems use the economies of scale to provide low cost  internet service to residents and occupants of multi-unit apartments and condos.  There is one large business ISP service to be managed & shared. The internet network provides fast speeds and dependable operation. Each apartment or condo would have a secure private network for each resident's use 24/7.  The dollar profits can benefit the landlord, condo association or third party investor. 

Voice Tech's antenna HDTV systems includes a main antenna usually mounted  outside.  The free through the air programming is received by the antenna  and distributed to any or all of the existing TV  outlets in your building. You can expect 15 to 20 channels for viewing.  Available will be live programming from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, ION, and other networks.  There are no set top boxes required.  Each of your HDTVs will receive all channels. One time cost for the system.

For those looking for an alternative to expensive cable TV, this is it.  Uses your existing cables in the building for fast installation.  Watch your local TV channels free 24/7.

Providing a Suite of IT Solutions, Video Surveillance Systems, & VoIP Solutions

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